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sam-ofabitch asked: Are you a surgeon or studying to be one? I want to be one when i finish school, how is it?


Yes! I really want to be a surgeon! The body is fascinating and I want to learn everything there is to learn about it! ♥

I’m working on getting my bachelors right now, and when I’m in my senior year I’m going to take the MCAT. Right now I’m borderline Junior year. My love is leaning towards Cardiothoracic surgery.



I’m nervous. Scared. I haven’t exactly made a plan B, and my dream is a little ambitious, but I know deep in my bones that this is the path I want to take. I knew when I was 6-7 years old when I dissected my first frog (I mean no offense to animal lovers out there. I was just a very curious child.) Are you in school now? College?

If you find your science courses compelling, I believe your college years will be a breeze (well… the science related classes anyways lol) 

And keep in mind that sleep… SLEEP will be your new best friend. Haha 

Good luck on everything! ♥ :)

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how much do boy/girlfriend cost

at least 3 potato

didn’t it use to be 2 potato

the recession hit us hard

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i wanna be a reverse tooth fairy where i rob people and then scatter human teeth on their bed

a dentist

i dont know what your dentist is doing to you but i think you need to go to the police

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Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley


Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley
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